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Professional car upholstery:

Since 2007 we are specialized in upholstery of the cars (of the modern cars as also the oltimers), bikes, boats and aviations. We do also the leather renovation.
We use different types materials: leather, Alcantra, skai, high quality textiles of many colores and textures.

Car upholsterer:

We produce new interiors and renovate existing:

  • steering wheels
  • gear shifters
  • car seats and armchairs
  • car daschboards
  • center console (front and rear)
  • doors
  • cabriolet roofs
  • and other elements

Motorcycle seats:

  • We create custom made seats
  • We repair and replace the seat covers
  • We change the parameters of the original seats:
    • increase or decrease the seat
    • change the internal sponge to a harder or softer one
    • change the shape of the seat
    • change the color of the seat
    • increase the adhesion of the seat

Interiors for boats and yachts:

  • We create individual yachts or boats upholstery
  • We repair and replace any kind of the existing interior upholstery
  • We create new covers for boats

Oldtimers upholsterer:

  • We produce new interiors and renovate existing:
    • carpets
    • car daschboards
    • doors
    • and other elements
  • We bind or fillet with leather or skai
  • We collaborate with professional establishments:
    • car plate
    • car-audio
    • sanding metal elements
    • car windows

Aircraft interior:

  • Current services cover creation of full new interiors, carpeting, manufacturing of new upholstery and seats renovation with the norm of the Lederzentrum
  • All materials we use are holding aviation certificates in compliance with FAR 25.853 requirements

For more informations visit the web site:

Unusual tasks:

We also undertake a non-typical tasks. From 2007 till today some of them was:

  • trimmed the child's seat with leather to match the upholstery of the car
  • dog protector for the upholstery of the car
  • seats and armrests for the hyperbaric chamber
  • upholstery of hotel walls
  • tube for technical drawing

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